Curriculum vitae (En) :

Hela Lamine, born in Tunis in 1984, lives and works in Tunis. She graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts of Tunis and the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. She currently teaches at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Sousse.
Due to her training as an engraver, drawing, which traditionally constitutes the very basis of a print, occupies a very important place in his work. Never acquired, but constantly questioned, Hela Lamine is interested in its technical and historical evolution, and wonders above all about the place it can occupy « at the time of its technical reproducibility ». She thus questions the notion of “aura”, but also that of the “sacred”, of the confrontation of the “unique” against the “multiple”, of the “original” and of the “reproducible”, of the “consumable”. , of the “consumed”, and of “what remains of it”… until a form of linear bulimia which takes, over time, the form of superimposable layers similar to that of the sedimentary strata.

For her personal exhibition entitled « The Unsecret life of Samantha. C« , Hela Lamine decides to conduct a unique experiment lasting a year and a half, during which she secretly follows the publications of a certain Samantha, chosen at random from the social network Facebook, and works on all the digital data to which she has legal access. What interested her most were the publicly visible photographs of Samantha, her friends and family. In 2015, Hela Lamine exhibited there more than 100 graphic works between paintings, drawings and mixed media, all dealing with the « non-secret » life of Samantha.C.
Food has occupied a special place in her research since 2010. Originally her thesis subject, it gradually turned into an annual meeting with the spectator where she questions the feeding practices described as « taboo », and thus imagines « cannibal feasts » or « invitation to an anthropophagic Halal gluttony », « body politicians » as appetizers, dishes of resistance to resist, and desserts where one could taste the ears of a corrupt judge …

Solo exhibitions and performances : 

2020: «Still life», La nuit des idées, Institut Français de Tunisie, Tunis.

2019:  «Saiida tsakhen», Shift, Central Tunis, Tunis.
            «Crossing», Open art Week, Perugia, (Italy)
            «Blue Iftar», Central Tunis, Tunis.

2018 -2019 : «Ch9af el 7orriga» (L’ embarcation de la méduse), Tangram, Perugia (Italy) (2019)+ Villa Dutoit, Genève (Swiss) (2018) // IESA, Paris (France) (2018) // B7ar Ezzebla, Sousse (Tunisia). 

2016 : «Perfume me, ‘cause I love you», Fatales, Tunis.

2015: «The unsecret life of Samantha.C», Galerie A.Gorgi, Sidi Bou Saïd // 2016 «Samantha.C : processus en étalage», Fondation de la Maison de Tunisie, Paris (France) // 2017, Sémaphore Gallery, Neuchatel (Swissland).

2014:  «Dégu-station Madfouna » and  «Mangeons les oreilles du juge! : Buffet 100% cannibale », Glassbox, Paris (France).

Selected Group exhibitions: 

2021 : «L’espace du dedans », Galerie A.Gorgi, Sidi Bou Saïd

             « It’s only a dream », Musk and Amber Gallery, Tunis

2020 : « Tunis centre ville x Patrimoini », Central Tunis, Tunis

              « Intuition », Central Tunis, Hammamet

              « Linéaments », Yosr Ben Ammar, Gallery, Sousse

2019 : « Tropical art season », Central Tunis, Hammamet

             « Tunis art D-ONE », galerie Elbirou, Hotel dar Ejjeld, Tunis

2018 : «Gorgi Pluriel», Palais Khaireddine, Tunis

           « Viv’artunis » , Point éphémère Paris (France)

         «L’heure rouge», Biennale de Dakar, (Senegal)

2017 : «Harraga», Parallel Vienna 2017, Vienne (Austria)

         «Tiempos de desamparo», CentroCentro, Madrid (Spain) // Proarte de kunstraum, Hallein (Austria)

         «Art Fair Paris 2017», Grand Palais, Paris (France)

2016 : «Med’in peace», Musée d’art contemporain Saint Martin, Montelimar // Musée Marcel Sahut, Volvic (France)

           «Barcha, Cinq artistes oeuvrent pour l’environnement», Musk and Amber Gallery, Tunis

2015 : «Art Tunis expose ses artistes», Hotel de Ville de Paris (France)

          «Réminiscence», Entreprise Talan, Chargueia (Tunisia)

2014 : « Indice d’une suite », Galerie Glassbox, Paris (France)

          « Circumambulation », Entreprise Talan, Chargueia

          « Turbulences », Projet Benetton, Imagio Mundi, Tunisie

2013 : « Fragile – Hach », Galerie Municipale de Sidi Bou Saïd

          « Hopening », HOPE! Contemporary, La Marsa

2012 : « Rosy Future, Contemporary Art from Tunisia», IFA Gallery, Berlin, Stuttgart (Germany)

         « Dégagements… la Tunisie un an après », Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris (France)

         « Arrivi e Partenze Mediterraneo », Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona (Italy)

2011: « Etre citoyenne en Tunisie », Gallery Arcima, Paris (France)

         « Objets de révolte », Cultural Center Ibn Rachiq, Tunisia

2010 : « Fictions d’artistes », Kanvas Art Gallery, Soukra

2007: « What Alice Said! », Bookshop La Lucarne des Ecrivains, Paris (France)

Artist in residence :

2019: «Shift : Women’s Empowerment Campaign» (with Hivos & Choof), Tunis.
2018: «U.V: Utopies Visuelles», Galerie Elbirou, Sousse.
2016: « Dos Mares » Marseille (France) //
« Arkane Afrika», Casablanca (Marocco) //
« Kulturlabor », Goethe Institut of Tunis (Tunisia).
2014-2015: « Indice d’une suite » Galerie Glassbox, Paris (France) – Musée National du Bardo (Tunis)